Sunday, April 26, 2009

This weekend

This weekend was awesome I must say.

First Friday Bug and I went and visited Raven and Trinity. I love Raven's new place it is so cozy, plus the kitchen cabinets rock. Trinity was even dancing for me, she even had the little booty shakin going on. Although Bug and I got lost on our way home. Note to self 696 and 96 are two different highway's (total blonde moment and too much talking). But all in all a good afternoon. Came home went shopping with the hubby bought a acoustic guitar and am gonna start getting lessons.

Saturday woa what a busy day there too. I had my appointment with my trainer had to run home get freshened up and changed and rush to get my mom and get to my cousin's baby shower by 1130, so i had to go from livonia to redford to taylor to trenton. The shower was good no real gifts to open since it was a gift card only shower. It was brunch shower with mamosa's (sp?) and breakfast food. Then after the shower we all went back to my uncle's house since there was family in from florida. It was a good time with the family. I miss those kind of days I need to spend more time with my family this summer.

So today is Sunday and woke up this moring went to target with my hubby to get some stuff for the house. Now we are both just staying home and relaxing today.

I hope everyone had a good weekend.

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  1. Sounds like a crazy busy and totally fun weekend for you. I've never heard of a gift card only shower...what an interesting idea.

    Then you finished it all by relaxing with your hubby. That's my kind of day.