Tuesday, July 14, 2009

What a day

Today was a decent day so it started out that way. Then the afternoon hit and it got really sad. This lady called regarding her friend whom she has been trying to get a hold of for the past couple of days and she asked if I could have someone from maintenance go and check her place out for her. Oh yeah the person whom she was asking about is The Board President of where I work also one of my bosses. Well I sent maintenance over there and the lady called back I put her on hold to call him and see what was going on. He answered and said call 911 she is dead. I panicked and called back to my manage telling her she needed to talk to the lady on the phone cause I had to call 911. The lady said she last talked to her on Sunday and Dicie has said she was not feeling well. I think when someone dies when it is so unexpected that hits hurts that much more. I am still in a state of shock and dont know where to turn. I feel horrible for her family. But so if this is not sappy enough, I am going to end this with a memory that I have of Dicie and that I am going to miss terribly. WHEN YOU WOULD BE TALKING TO DICIE SHE WOULD HOLD ONTO YOUR ARM, GRAB YOUR ELBOW TO PULL YOU CLOSER TO HER TO TELL HER STORY, GIVE YOU A HUG TELL YOU THAT SHE LOVED YOU AND TO BE CAREFUL WHEN SHE WOULD LEAVE. SHE WAS A GREAT PERSON AND HAD A LOT OF LOVE IN HER HEART AND SHE IS GOING TO BE MISSED. SO R.I.P. DICIE MARTIN MAY YOUR SPIRIT SHINE THROUGH OUR MEMORIES AND TEACH US ALL TO LOVE EACHOTHER A LITTLE MORE. I hope wherever you are you are on my side.

Always in my memories

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Ugh airlines

Well my sister and brother are finally home. they should have been home yesterday. here is what happened they got boarded on their plane (everything was fine), got out to the runway to leave and then turned around came back to the gate. had to sit on the plane for an hour before they got left off. a mechanic had to be flown in to fix the problem then after about an hour and a half they were told the problem was fixed and they were running a test and if the test went o.k. they would get re re-boarded and take off then they come back with the test went good they are just fixing a faulty light and then would be good to go. then about 20 minutes later they come back with there is engine problems and the flight is cancelled. so everyone runs to the ticket counter to try and get a new flight (mind you they have already missed their connecting flight by this time). i have to go get them to spend one more night here because they could not get a flight out until today. well they left detroit on time and everything got to phoenix and originally had a 7 1/2 hour lay over well they got on another flight stand by and got on the flight and the auto pilot goes out. so again they were sitting on the plane for an hour waiting to fix that or get off and wait for the other flight. well thankfully they fixed the problem quickly. just got a text that they are finally back in reno and my dad and stepmom just got them from the airport and they are on their way home. what a crazy mess. i am just glad they are home and safe and dont have to worry about traveling anytime soon.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Today my sister and brother come in today. I am so excited with my sister being 17 now I feel we can form a strong sister bond while she is out here. My sister keeps telling me that she is not a good mormon and when we have our sister day I will find out what she is talking about. We will see.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Busy is the key word

This weekend I had a four day weekend and boy did I stay busy busy busy. Friday I had a appt with the trainer then came home and started cleaning up the house. Sat. I went to the water aerobic class (man that was hard and i thought it was going to be a cake walk). Then I came home started weeded out the front gardens (have to keep up on those dang weeds) and then put mulch down. All while I had a little friend following me around the front yard (see picture). I was supposed to have a ribbon reading activity but postponed it due to Kelly not being able to make it and i called Rosena i did not want to make her drive all the way out to my house if it was going to be just me. So i finished up with pulling the weeds in the back yard as well. Sunday i woke up sore as heck from the aerobic class and pulling weeds there was no way i was going to the gym. so i cleaned my sisters room for her stay when she gets here. i put the Xmas decorations away that have been stacked up in her room, then mowed the front lawn and then took it easy. Monday i started working on my craft/junk room. man that room is a mess i am shredding things and starting a garage sell stack (my neighborhood usually has a block garage sale) and then i did laundry for the rest the day. i just didn't do clothes i washed sheets, blankets, pillows. and not to start off the week i am by myself this morning at work thankfully it is slow. then i have tomorrow off and i am gonna finish the craft/junk room and meet with the trainer at 1230 which she told me she is working out with my for an hour. ugh. as much as i like her and know that she is doing great workouts with me and making me sweat she is hard and an hour with her just does not sound that appealing. so my brother and sister will be here in 10 days and then i probably wont be online for about a week. so my goal for the next 9 days is to clean the hell out of my house so while they are here all we have to do it pick up after ourselves.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Busy month

I have a busy month coming up. My sister and brother are coming to michigan for two weeks. I need to start super cleaning my house this weekend. I need to get outside and start pulling stupid weeds in the front and back along with putting mulch down. I also need to get my butt in gear and go to the damn gym more than once a week. I have a appt friday with the trainer then sat morning i am getting up and going and sunday as well and what the hell I will go monday to since i am off.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Week from hell so far.

Well this week has been a really bad week so far. Things are only going to get better damn it. Monday evening Bill got a call that his friend Charlie died. He had a heart rhythmic and it just took him. He was having neck and back pains and drove himself to the hospital and got out of his car and dropped. His wife and him have been dating since high school and got married right after she graduated they have two boys and just had a baby girl like 4 months ago. This was so unexpected. He would be graduating from medical school this coming Friday and instead they are burying him and starting his internship Monday. Then the other bad thing that is going on is: last week my grandma went into the hospital last week and they did a procedure to see if her heart was fine and gave her pretty much a clean bill of health well she went back in yesterday and now tomorrow has to have surgery to put a stent in one of her arteries. By the time this week is over I am going to be ready for some heavy drinking or major relaxation.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Learning new things.

There has always been things that I have wanted to learn.

Play the guitar: I had my first lesson last night. My finger tips hurt. But I am excited I just have practice.

Reiki: I will some day learn this right now it is on hold.

The piano: I will learn this as well but first I want to get the guitar down.

Those are the three top things I want to learn. One thing at a time. I mainly want to learn the guitar and piano just for a hobby.