Sunday, June 21, 2009

Ugh airlines

Well my sister and brother are finally home. they should have been home yesterday. here is what happened they got boarded on their plane (everything was fine), got out to the runway to leave and then turned around came back to the gate. had to sit on the plane for an hour before they got left off. a mechanic had to be flown in to fix the problem then after about an hour and a half they were told the problem was fixed and they were running a test and if the test went o.k. they would get re re-boarded and take off then they come back with the test went good they are just fixing a faulty light and then would be good to go. then about 20 minutes later they come back with there is engine problems and the flight is cancelled. so everyone runs to the ticket counter to try and get a new flight (mind you they have already missed their connecting flight by this time). i have to go get them to spend one more night here because they could not get a flight out until today. well they left detroit on time and everything got to phoenix and originally had a 7 1/2 hour lay over well they got on another flight stand by and got on the flight and the auto pilot goes out. so again they were sitting on the plane for an hour waiting to fix that or get off and wait for the other flight. well thankfully they fixed the problem quickly. just got a text that they are finally back in reno and my dad and stepmom just got them from the airport and they are on their way home. what a crazy mess. i am just glad they are home and safe and dont have to worry about traveling anytime soon.

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