Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Week from hell so far.

Well this week has been a really bad week so far. Things are only going to get better damn it. Monday evening Bill got a call that his friend Charlie died. He had a heart rhythmic and it just took him. He was having neck and back pains and drove himself to the hospital and got out of his car and dropped. His wife and him have been dating since high school and got married right after she graduated they have two boys and just had a baby girl like 4 months ago. This was so unexpected. He would be graduating from medical school this coming Friday and instead they are burying him and starting his internship Monday. Then the other bad thing that is going on is: last week my grandma went into the hospital last week and they did a procedure to see if her heart was fine and gave her pretty much a clean bill of health well she went back in yesterday and now tomorrow has to have surgery to put a stent in one of her arteries. By the time this week is over I am going to be ready for some heavy drinking or major relaxation.


  1. Sending calming energy your way!

  2. thanks you. grandma is home (well at my aunts) doing good. bill said the funeral was very sad and emtional. but the weekend is going to be good.